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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 23, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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good morning, everybody, tom brady, bill belichick speak out as fans across the nation are calling for the nfl to act quickly. and saudi arabia's king has died and isis on the move. winter gets ready to roar this weekend. and why these dogs are riding high all across america. it's friday january 23. "early today" starts right now. so the two men at the center of the nfl's deflate gate stepped up to talk. patriots head coach bill belichick and star quarterback tom brady denied any knowledge that the footballs used in the game were tampered with.
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bob costas addressed the controversy with jimmy fallon. >> there's only one condition in all of sports that's worse than pink eye. >> what's that? >> deflated balls. >> what is going on with this deflated ball thing? >> it's probably in the category of gamesmanship. there's a minimum, maximum range to which the balls can be deflated. and brady likes it at the lower end of that. >> the colts didn't play with those, right? >> i think that game could have been played with a brick or beach ball and had the same result. they needn't need to do that. they have a great quarterback, a great organization, they didn't need it. >> reporter: quarterback tom brady is used to being in the spot light. >> i felt like we won the game square and fair. >> reporter: but not on the hot
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seat labelled a cheat. >> you have never played with a ball under 12 and a half pounds of pressure? >> no. >> is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. i feel like i have always played within the rules. i've never done anything against the rules. >> reporter: coach saying he has never concerned himself with the feel of a football. >> i'm trying to coach the team and that's what i want to do. tom's personal preferences on his footballs are something that he can talk about in much better detail and information than i could possibly, than i could possibly provide. >> reporter: with 2007 spy gate and the fine he played for videotaping an opponent's signals during a game belichick once again faced a barrage of questions. >> i've told you everything i know. i've told you everything i can
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tell you. >> reporter: what remains unknown is who decides the ball runners on the patriots side line had access to the balls after they're tested. >> there's only one or two ball boys who are responsible for the balls before, and during the game. >> reporter: and while tom brady expressed his preference for a softer football, he is told it's not necessarily an advantage. >> if i can hold it and throw it i was happy with it. >> reporter: they prepare for the big game ahead. >> i think this is something that we haven't addressed but at the same time, i think we're trying to focus on going out and beating the seahawks. we know what sparked that huge inferno in new jersey. city officials say the apartment fire on wednesday was an accident. workers doing plumbing repair,
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accidently ignited a wire and it took more than 15 hours to contain. more than 300 people were safely evacuated. more than 200 of the 408 luxury apartments were reduced to rubble. firefighters mere pittsburgh are trying to put out a massive fire so aggressive that it spread to four buildings and caused one of them to collapse. one person remains unaccounted for. a powerful u.s. ally in the arab world has died. saudi arabia's king abdullah died yesterday. he was ill for some time. his successor is his 80 year old half brother. abdullah, took power. he was seen as a reformer. in the war on terror he helped eliminate al qaeda in his
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kingdom. he was part of a coalition to lead an attack on isis. president obama said he was a great leader and had conviction. the funeral will be held today. vice president joe biden will visit saudi arabia in the coming days. one other note for you, the death of king abdullah, leaves queen elizabeth as the oldest living monarch in the world. it is chaos in yemen after the country's president resigned. one official tells nbc news that the country is in a quote extremely dangerous moment. his resignation comes with failed negotiations with shiite rebels who were holding him hostage in his home. pentagon is saying that the u.s. embassy in yemen's capitol
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has not been evacuated. and if the fight against isis still continues. secretary of state john kerry said iraq and allies have made significant progress battling the militants. >> reporter: saying the progress has also been tangible and measurable against isis despite the frustrations of iraq's government. the pentagon is responding to iraq's call for more training more weapons, more support. on their own? >> i do disagree with the prime minister's comments. >> reporter: last year the pentagon says the u.s. gave iraq tens of thousands of small arms
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and ammunition. >> we are doing everything we can possibly do to help. >> reporter: at a meeting with partners fighting isis secretary of state john kerry said it is working. >> we are flushing them out. >> reporter: the threats continue. the u.s. european commander is stepping up security there. more random searches more staff at check points more patrols after the paris attack liked to isis. now new concerns about al qaeda. yemen's government has fallen to rebels who oppose al qaeda but also oppose u.s. drone strikes against them. that plus the death of our biggest ally in the region could make it more difficult for the u.s. to keep al qaeda in check. you were talking about the legacy of king abdullah. now the new king saying he will carry on the legacy creating
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stability in the region and protecting from all evil. >> thank you so much. and the northeast is getting ready for some snow this weekend. here is nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> i know the kids want the storm. the storm is now in the gulf. a lot of delays expected with that. the snow will move up late tonight. it's not a blockbuster event. some areas outside of boston will probably end up with six to eight inches. in the northwest a warm front. we are looking at more dry weather and more heat as we go throughout this weekend just looking out of san francisco the weather service if they don't get any rain it will end up being the driest january on
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record there with nothing in the bay area. so doesn't look like anything is heading there anytime soon. as we go throughout the early morning and mid day looks like that is when the cascades and olympics see the most rain. in seattle itself and portland will be much lighter amounts. by saturday showers up there and maybe a little rain too. notice how dry we are just about everywhere else this weekend. you and temperatures warming up today in the 50s. tomorrow some areas in the 70s. so the heat is on and the drought gets worse. looks like the most annoying drought ever. it keeps going. >> that's amazing, no rain in january. that's incredible.
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where you could save even more on medicare part d with copays as low as zero dollars. at the corner of happy and healthy. several crew members reached a nearby vessel while three were pulled to safety by a helicopter. the last one was rescued moments before the boat sank. senate minority leader harry reid said he isn't -- on monday senator reid will undergo surgery on his eye saukt. he said his doctors expect him to return to work a week later. he discussed 2016 plans to run for senate re-election.
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and in an attempt to further his state of the union priorities president obama sat down with three popular youtube stars at the white house yesterday and all of the note worthy moments this is getting the most buzz. >> whenever you go to somebody's house you have to give them something. don't come empty handed. i have for your first wife -- >> you know something i don't? >> for the first lady and the first children. i'm going to put these in here. >> pretty good recovery there. >> youtube stars combined have 14 million followers. nothing but true friendship here. officials in miami say both monkeys were put in time-out for misbehaving. apparently the younger monkey on the left couldn't handle it.
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leading up to this weekend's miss universe pageant all contestants took part in a costume contest. new details on that measles outbreak at disneyland. the associated press reporting california officials believe the outbreak was started by a visitor to one of the parks. right now health officials say unvaccinated children should stay away from the theme park. "early today" is brought to you by vagisil. just ahead guess what bob dylan might have done. jeff gordon is retiring -- well maybe not. up to an occupational hazard a ball boy gets nailed
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♪ and now for sports. a huge upset at the australian open. second seed roger federer lost four sets. it is the earliest exit since 2001.
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this might hurt much more. a ball boy gets nailed in the groin by a rocket serve by stannish star lopez. that serve clocked in at 121 miles per hour. the young man left a few minutes later but was able to return. well to college hoops. with seconds left tips in the game winner at the buzzer on none other than head band night. they win 93-91. well, it got ugly on women's hep hoops after getting tangled up. player punches haden and both players were tossed, including the player who lunged at muhammad on the bench. the fight caused a 20 minute delay. and jeff gordon has decided to make 2015 his final season. but he's not calling it a retirement.
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>> retirement means you go off to a beach somewhere or sit in a rocking chair on a front porch and drink your coffee. i'm actually going to have to go get a real job now. >> gordon is leaving up open the option in being in open events. he spent his entire career in the number 24 cars. he has 92 sprint cup wins three daytona 500 victories. does hockey have a new superhero? it's miss canada. that is a mini stanley cuptrophy on her head. and a growing pains patriots mashup video posted by patriots wide receiver edelman, the
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at the movies "boy next
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door" opens along with a johnny depp comedy. for the kiddies disney is out with "strange magic." >> never have i joined the mile high club. >> the last one to admit that. the back lash over "american sniper" continues. seth rogen is back pedaling after saying the film reminded him of a scene in another show. now he says he is not comparing the two because they both deal with snipers they remind him of each other. an emotional kid rock is saying
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he hopes rogen catches a fist to the face soon. country star blake shelton who has yet to see the film says it sickens him to see the celebs disrespect the film. ariana grande will rule half court. and singer bob dylan said if given the chance to do it all again he would not have been a musician instead dylan told aarp that he would have been a school teacher and would have taught roman history or theology. interesting. i would like to have him as my teacher. this is "early today." we hope it is just your first stop of the day here on nbc. start the interview with a firm handshake. firm, but not too firm. make eye ay,no! don't do that! try new head & shoulders instant relief.
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a new documentary takes viewers along on a ride. nbc has the story. >> how do you have stress when you have that unconditional love. >> reporter: j.d. whitticer and his dog are on a mission to visit every service memorial in america. but you know what they say, it's not where you end up it's how you get there.
4:27 am
and in this case it's whether you are wearing doggles. it is a documentary about side car dogs in america. >> you don't want to go anywhere without your dog and because it is so cool. >> reporter: the film follows 18 riders and their dogs, most of them rescues, exploring why they do this or as they put it, why not. >> people have dogs inside paris. it is a match made in heaven. >> reporter: side cars in egypt carting around radio equipment for the air force. >> i came home and built one to take my kids out. kids grow up and they want to bring their dogs. when the kids are gone all you have left is a dog. >> reporter: the dog and the road. >> what really hit me with that film such a diverse group of people diverse group of dogs and we are all speaking with one voice. >> reporter: and one trusty companion. and finally you could call it locker room humor. last night on the tonight show
4:28 am
jimmy fallon had some fun with the patriots football controversy. >> scandal has gotten so bad that head coach bill belichick had to hold a press conference about it. >> the balls we practice with are as bad as they can be wet, sticky cold slippery. >> let's hear what tom brady had to say. >> when i felt them they were perfect. i didn't want anyone touching those. i would zip those up and lock them away until i had the opportunity to play with them. >> zip it up don't let anyone else touch them. >> this is gold and easy. >> you know "snl" will run with it. thanks for watching "early today." we hope you have a great friday and a wonderful weekend.
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and that breaking news is in san francisco where police have been trying to get a man who may be armed to come out of his home all night long. >> let's go to "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang. stephanie just arrived on scene. what is the latest? good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you both sam and kris. it's quiet here in this ingelside neighborhood. there is a pretty good police presence here. they've shown a light on that house, that's the focus of this standoff situation that's entering now the 11th hour but before last night, the perimeter was far greater and so it seems that it's been pretty quiet and they're trying to reach some peaceful resolution. just after 6:00 last


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